Q: " I thought that Sculpt Fitness was a personal training only gym? How is this different?"

A: That is partially correct! The name Sculpt Fitness has been around since 2008, when owner and personal trainer Josh Dickey created the personal training gym known as Sculpt Fitness personal training.

We still have several gym locations in Medina/Akron, Independence and Cleveland Ohio that specializes in personal training.You can find out more about these gyms by clicking here. Our group training gym located in Akron is an extension of the Sculpt Fitness name, offering 4 different types of workout classes in a larger group setting that our members love the most.

With the group gym you'll be able to workout with a large group and still receive personalized workouts led by some of the area's top personal trainers!

Q: "Is this a Crossfit gym?"

A: No way! We are not affiliated with Crossfit and it's style of workouts. We do offer a variety of workout types in a group setting, but we won't just throw you into the fire with an intense circuit that you are uncomfortable doing.

We will assist you from where you are starting from in a fitness standpoint, and will help you progress each and every week. 🙂

Q: "What are the workout classes offered at the Sculpt Fitness Group Gym in Akron?"

A: We currently offer 4 different class types each day at the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym in Akron. 

Whether you are wanting a cardio only workout, a heavy strength training day, or a unique workout using the Versa climber's, there is plenty of variety that keeps our members coming back for more!

The workouts types offered are the following....

  1. Sculpt-Fit
  2. Head to Toe
  3. Versa Climb
  4. Strength - Cardio - Flexibility

Find our daily class schedule by downloading our free app in the app store by clicking here! 

Q: "How much does it cost to join?"

A: We have 3 different ways to join at the group gym.

Our unlimited group membership is our best option and gives you the ability to come in as many times as you want each month! It is 155.00 a month on an auto-pay set up.

Our next option is to purchase a 10 pack of workouts that can be used each time you come in for a workout.

Our last option is if you don't see yourself being able to regularly come in for a workout, but occasionally might. Our drop in rate is 15.00 per workout.

Q: "I'm a bit weary of joining a group gym, I've done it before and it's always so competitive against the others members! Is Sculpt Fitness the same?"

A: We confidently can say that we do not put a primary focus on competition or doing more than you should from a safety standpoint. We understand that when people compete against each other or try to lift more weight than they can handle, the focus is taking away from improving his or her health, and instead is about trying to out do one another.

We will encourage you to your very best, push yourself when you feel up to it that day, or to dial it back a bit if your form isn't quite up to par that day.

Q: "Where are you located?"

A: We are located conveniently on 2236 N Cleveland Massillon Rd, Akron, OH 44333

Q: "I'm ready! How do I get started at The Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym?!"

A: We are glad you asked! The first step is to either give us a call at (330) 523-7232 , email us at , or drop in to see us at 2236 N Cleveland Massillon Rd, Akron, OH 44333

If you rather just let us know through the website, click here to schedule your first 2 workouts for free!