We Want You To Feel Comfortable,Excited, And Welcome At Our Gym

Nobody chooses to go to a place where they don't feel welcome or enjoy the people there.  We make it a conscious effort each day to make each one of our members feel welcome and excited to come in for their group workouts at Sculpt.

You'll never find team members who don't want to help you reach your fitness goals, members who aren't enthused to exercise (unless its an extremely tough workout that day :D) , or an unwelcoming gym environment.

We want you to want to come see us multiple times a week, or even every day if you want!

We Have A Team Of Trainers Who Lead Fun, Challenging & Effective Workouts

Sculpt Fitness Group Training would not be the place it is without it's team of personal trainers leading our top notch group workouts.

Each trainer is certified, has experience delivering results to their members, and who have a passion for fitness.

You can place your trust in us that working with any of our personal trainers will be a great experience each time you come in. 😉

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Incorporating The Attention To Detail In A Personal Training Workout - Into A Group Setting

From the get go, we wanted to make the promise to our members that each and every workout offered at the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym would have characteristics of a private one on one workout, which is a customized and personalized experience for each person.

We are able to modify, give focus to, and assist each person who takes a group fitness class at the group gym in Akron.

We won't throw you into an extremely hard class that we know you aren't ready for on day 1.

Raving Members Who Have Transformed Their Lives Through Fitness

The last and biggest reason we do what we do is for our members and the positive results they receive from working out with us.

When you walk into the gym daily and see individuals who have shed 50lbs of body fat, or increased his or her strength in the squat or deadlift, it brings a big smile to our faces!

As an example in this video, Tim lost a large amount of weight and completely changed his lifestyle partly from starting his journey at the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym 🙂